Jobs Portal: If your organization is looking for online jobs portal system where HR will post a job and detailed profiles with cv file will be right to your desktop then we have a solution for you. If demo is required then let us know.

Oracle Applications R12 iExpenses Add-on: If you are using Oracle iExpenses and employees can claim advances, using corporate credit cards then you might need the following features.

  1. Submitting requests for employee advance using iExpenses.
  2. Employee advance can be applied for subsequent expense claims.
  3. Refund option for excess employee advance.
  4. Restricting employee to claim more than one advance at a time.
  5. Verify code combination at the time of submitting iExpense.
  6. Accounting for employee advances and other expense claims using separate natural accounts.
  7. Accounting for Corporate credit card without using card statement upload.
  8. Paying banks for corporate credit card usage before employees submit their expense claims.
  9. Automatic deduction through payroll for personal use of corporate credit card.
  10. Restricting payments against credit card claims as it should be paid to bank.
  11. Submitting expense claims in multiple currencies using iExpenses.

Reconciliation and control of advances and credit card usage is always a challenge for the accounts department so we have solution to the above requirements and if you are having requirements of similar nature please contact us for quote at

– Oracle Online Vendors Management – OOVM

This is our customized web based solution to manage your vendors/suppliers in Oracle Applications R12 directly through your vendors. Vendors can do the following tasks  by themselves,

  • Register user to use application.
  • Request to Register vendor/supplier with required documents upload.
  • Procurement Supervisor/Buyer will review and Approve/Reject.
  • Procurement Manager will Approve/Reject. If approved it will be created in Oracle Payable with Business Information, Site, Contacts & Bank Account.
  • Procurement department can upload document like Request for Quotation, Request for Proposal & Tender online and each vendor/supplier will be notified in the group.
  • Email/SMS notification to vendors.
  • Any update/change will also take effect only after approval by procurement and
  • once approved by head of procurement supplier will be created in Oracle AP.


– Payables Invoices Upload – OraExcel

The tool can be used to upload AP invoices for upload of opening invoices at the time of new implementation or day to day invoices. There are two modes to upload 1 – Single Invoice 2 – Multiple Invoices.

Customer Feedback:
“Excel Tool is helping to us at the company to upload different kind of invoices to the module of  Oracle Accounts Payable, this software was adapted to our requirements because almost 95% of the transactions are linked to the projects. Payable users at projects sites now start to use Excel Tool reducing down times and have other way to enter invoices in the application.” José Luis Vaca García

About ICA:
Since 1993 we are part of an ongoing partnership with Fluor Corporation, one of the leading engineering, procurement and construction companies in the world. This partnership has made us the leaders in the development of industrial projects in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. We have over 50 years experience in energy projects, refineries, oil and gas, chemicals, metals, among others.

Invoice SingleInvoice Multiple 1

Invoice Multiple 2



– Financial Reporting Tool – OraExcel – With Drill Down

Excel is always a first choice of Finance professionals while reporting and performing their day to day tasks. Keeping in mind we developed a tool using MS Excel to connect to Oracle Applications and provide easy to develop reports by accountants without involvement of technical or IT persons. The tool is so easy to use that even a person who know how to use a simple Excel function like SUM() can develop Financials reports in minutes with just copy & paste features of our Functions.

Develop your Financials reports like Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, Actual vs Budget etc in just minutes with drill down for details transactions using double click on amount.






Example # 1





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